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            Beyond the young beautiful faces, and the energetic charisma, the breath-taking voice of ForEternity is what segregates them from the usual R&B girl bands. The roots of soul, jazz, blues can definately be heard from their forth-coming album "Share My World".  The Chicago based trio ForEternity are  Raveen, Sheri, and Lola,  whose distinct voices seem to blend in a vibrant but yet delicate harmony.

The Album "Share my World" is a superb collaboration of producers and songwriters. Keith Henderson, a former R. Kelly band member, whose work can be sampled from such artist as Mary J. Blige, Anita Baker and various Jazz musicians. Maurice Joshua, who has worked with such artists such as Destiny's Child and Backstreet Boys. R&B singer turned songwriter Darren Houston wrote the album. Definate ballad hits such as "Movin" on and "Tonight", up-tempo beats "Can you feel me" and the hip-hop sounds of "Do I Turn You On" will satisfy all of those who crave songs that will make them groove.

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